IIMAGE Pricing

Hourly / Salary Type Pricing

Basic Pricing

At IIMAGE, we understand that pricing can be a major concern for businesses. That’s why we offer affordable and transparent basic pricing for all of our services. Our basic pricing plans are designed to be flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.

Package 1

Per hour billed monthly - min 5 hours
  • 1 x Brand and Strategy
  • 1 x Analytics and Optimizations

Package 3

Per hour billed monthly - min 10 hours
  • 2 x Copy and Sales
  • 4 x Brand and Strategy
  • 2 x Analytics and Optimization
Social & Digital Marketing

Your Partner in Creating Viral Marketing Campaigns.

At IIMAGE Social & Digital Marketing, we understand the power of a viral marketing campaign. Our team of experts specializes in creating and executing campaigns that will increase brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty for your brand. We use a combination of cutting-edge technology and creative thinking to create campaigns that will capture the attention of your target audience and drive measurable results.


Per month


Per month
Website Development

Customizable and Affordable Solutions for Your Website Needs.

At IIMAGE, we understand that every business has different website needs. That’s why we offer customizable and affordable website development pricing options to meet the unique needs of your business. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your goals and develop a solution that fits your budget.

Info Website

$1750 one time
  • WordPress Infomation Site (Non E-Commerce)
  • Full Content for WordPress Site
  • 3 x Graphic Designs
  • 3 x Copy for Graphic Designs
  • Mobile-Optimized Website
  • Powerful Website Analytics
  • Free Custom Domain
  • SSL Security Included

Cloud Hosting

$25 Per month billed monthly
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
What We Offer


Copy & Sales

IIMAGE’s sales and copy strategy is focused on creating a strong emotional connection with our clients’ target audiences. We use data-driven insights to understand consumer behavior and tailor our messaging to speak directly to their needs and desires.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimizing the sales process and increasing conversions.

Sales Copywriting

We specialize in writing persuasive and compelling copy that helps increase sales and conversions.

Content Marketing

Developing and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and engage a defined audience.

Interactive Copywriter

Creating interactive and dynamic copy that adapts to the user’s behavior and preferences.

Brand Voice Development

Developing a brand’s tone of voice and messaging across all communication channels.

Emotionally Intelligent Copywriter

Using psychology and emotional intelligence to create persuasive and engaging copy that resonates with customers.

Branding & Strategy

IIMAGE is a leading branding and strategy agency that helps businesses build strong, recognizable, and profitable brands. We take a holistic approach to brand development, working closely with our clients to understand their unique goals and challenges.

Digital Brand Management

Developing and managing a brand’s digital presence, including social media and website.

Brand Identity Designer

Designing and developing a brand’s visual identity, including logo, color palette, and typography.

Brand Storyteller

Developing and communicating a brand’s story through various forms of content.

Brand Analytics

Using data analytics to measure and improve brand performance.

Brand Activation

Developing and executing brand activation campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Brand Reputation

Monitoring and managing a brand’s reputation through social media and other online channels.

Analytics & Optimizations

IIMAGE Analytics & Optimization is a division of IIMAGE Media that specializes in providing data-driven insights and optimization solutions for brands and businesses.

User Experience Optimization

We will optimize the user experience of your website to increase engagement and conversions.

Website and Social Media Analytics

We will provide detailed analysis of your website and social media performance to understand user behavior and identify opportunities for improvement.

A/B Testing

We will conduct A/B testing to optimize the performance of your website and improve conversions.

E-commerce Optimization

We will optimize the performance of your e-commerce website to increase sales and conversions.

Data-Driven Marketing

We will use data analytics to create targeted marketing campaigns that will engage and inspire your target audience.

Email Marketing Optimization

We will optimize the performance of your email marketing campaigns to increase engagement and conversions.

WordPress Development & Cloud Hosting

IIMAGE develops and scales websites and cloud hosting that specializes in creating high-performance WordPress websites and applications.

WordPress Development

Developing, maintaining and troubleshooting WordPress sites and applications.

WordPress Theme Setup

Creating custom or existing WordPress themes and templates.

Cloud Hosting: AWS & Google

Managing and maintaining cloud-based hosting infrastructure for WordPress websites.